Exclusive Early Bird Benefits

You can lock in your premium consulting space and receive exclusive benefits to help you scale faster in 2022


Plug and Play marketing frameworks for you to use or let us do it for you


Options to DIY administration or let us do it for you (inbound call answering)


If ever you feel you need some extra direction, you can book a session with one of our coaches or commit to your success with regular coaching


Our building has over 50 health care professionals making it the perfect opportunity to build relationships with referral sources.

Membership Perks and More

Business coaching and more

Our coaching team have literally helpaed launch and develop the careers of hundreds of healthcare professionals from new graduates to practitioners with 20 years experience

Marketing Trainining and more

Healthcare marketing is essential to grow your business and requires expert knowledge to stay within AHPRA guidelines.

Finance and Accounting

As your business grows, so are the ways in which you manage the finances.  From opening a business back account to financial projections and profit foreacasting, we have you covered.  

People & Leadership

Leading people, whether clients or employees, is a skill to develop and master, especially in healthcare.

Apply for The Health Collective Scholarship

Apply for The Health Collective Scholarship. Once per year THC accepts one applicant for The Health Collective Scholarship. The successful applicant will receive 6 months free rent, 1-1 mentoring, access to comprehensive business training and support. Fill in your details and we will send you the application form and full T&C. The last to submit your application will be Closing date June 30th 2022

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6 months free rent and comprehensive 1-1 mentoring

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Find out more about The Health Collective and how we can help you to launch and grow your health care business with confidence

Virtual tour of The Health Collective

Our building is currently in construction and due to open early January 2022. You can have a virtual tour.

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Our Collective is selective in who we work with.  Creating a community of health professionals who share the same values is important for the success of individuals and the collective, so we are careful of who we work with.  

Get access to your Success Toolkit so you can hit the ground running even before your doors open

Once accepted, you will start your journey with The Health Collective so you can hit the ground running on day 1.

Launch and grown your health care business faster and easier than trying to do it alone 

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Celebrate being your own boss with complete autonomy and financial security.

Benefits of joining The Health Collective - The future of Healthcare

 You know you want to be your own boss.  To have complete control over what you do and how you do it.  
Your years of education have helped you polish your clinical skills, but, like so many health professioanls, you are not confident in business.
This is exactly why the Health Collective was born.  
To help health professionals confidently launch and grow their own successfull businesses so they can have complete autonomy and financial freedom but without having to figure it out through costly trial and error.

Your are 100% your own boss, having full autonomy of clinical decision making and your businesses operations. However, you are never on your own with The Healthcare Collective.  Training, coaching and peer support ensures you always have someone to support you.  

Architectually designed and purpose built clinics with practitioner and client experience at the forefront.  No more pokey, drab clinic rooms or cluttered waiting areas.  

Access to business training specifically designed for private practice by successful clinic owners who have trained hundreds of health care practitioners in everyting from clinical care, leadership, marketing, branding, team, ...

Being a health care business owner can be very lonely, time consuming and hardwork.  But not at The Health Collective.  THC is a community of like minded health professionals on the same jouney as you that you can lean on for support and advice.  

Why members choose The Health Collective

Providing everything from the physical space to business training empowers our members to succeed. With our premium co-working spaces with flexible rental arrangements, we are taking health and wellness to a much more accessible level for everyone. We have a team of experts who are readily available to give everyone the marketing and business support they need to jumpstart and grow their healthcare business in no time.

The Health Collective has taken a real estate model initially designed to meet the needs of start-ups and freelancers and has customised it for the health industry.